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December 26, 2016

Extra geopend voor: / Fietsers die de chance en de grinta hebben om wat winterkilometers te maken. / Iedereen die nog wat straffe wielerverhalen te vertellen heeft bij wat wielerbier. / De eerste pré-koerskoopkes al te scoren.   Dinsdag 27/12, donderdag 29/12 en vrijdag 30/12 van 11u - 17u en zaterdag 31/12 van 10u - 17u!  Continue Reading →

Social ride: ONYVA Hesbaye

June 28, 2016

Last sunday we had the happy (and bad ass) cycling crew from ONYVA in our café. They ordered a good coffee and the nicest ride through our region. And so we did: ONYVA Hesbaye. The ride showed them (a part of) the smallest and nicest roads we can offer. Concrete, tarmac, cobbles, and even some with a layer of mud. The storm which passed a few days before made it even look more dramatic. Hope to see this fellowship back again for more Hesbaye riding! Continue Reading →

The Japanese Odyssey

April 07, 2016

This week we received an email from The Japanese Odyssey. An unsupported endurance event they say, and that's a fact. The organisation of the ride sticks to a simple ethos: the clock never stops, no mandatory route, and no private support. When, where and how long to stop, that decision is entirely up the entrants.  The Japanese Odyssey is not a race. There is no medal to win. It is an adventure.It's about covering 2.400 km by bike in various regions. It's about taking the entrants up a series of famous climbs in Japan. But it is also an attempt to place them in touchwith the traditions, customs and culture of the country.The event will start from Tokyo on September 17, 2016. The participants will have to... Continue Reading →

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